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About me:
I work at BBC Learning in Manchester, UK, managing the planning and production of online distance-education content for school students and teachers. I’m also a recent graduate of the Open University’s MA in Online and Distance Education – completing my final module H800: Technology Enhanced Learning – Practices and Debates in late 2010. (Previous modules: H806: Learning in the Connected EconomyH807: Innovations in eLearning and H808: The eLearning Professional). This was my course blog, which I continue to post to from time to time on theoretical aspects of technology-enhanced learning.

Other points of presence:
You can see my Linked In profile here and my Flickr photos here.

This blog is a continuation of a previous one on Eduspaces – itself a continuation of a now defunct OU course blog. I’ve settled down at WordPress now.

One Comment
  1. Hi John!

    Not sure how I found you and your incredibly useful and insightful blog posts!
    Perhaps via Google +, anyway thanks heaps,is in order for several reasons.

    I’m sitting my very first MOOC at Southampton Uni, and my very first introduction
    to distance learning, Web Science 101,no less!

    Fascinating, is probably a fairly weak adjective to use here but I think it just about sums
    up the intrigue and curiosity that’s suddenly taken ahold of me,in drilling deeper into
    web and internet technology.

    Now, and almost with a degree of Jungian synchronously I find your wordpress blog and
    to be honest the timing couldn’t have been better.

    A veritable gold mine of information,parallel, connectionists thinking and multi layered sentiment. Suddenly ” small world ” and “scale effect,” in the real and virtual world, makes more sense! 🙂

    I see also we have/ had similar employers. I worked at the BBC,broadcasting centre for
    a number of years before returning to N.Ireland.

    Anyway enough of my rabbiting on…thanks again John.
    Terrific blog.


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